well since my pc is still out of order i can do pretty much only 2 things with my time. Skyrim (got the new eps and loving them woot!)  and forsaken world on my daughters computer.

the official server was a little too money hungry tho, so we moved to a private server. where you can have all the fun AND all the gold you want. its so nice to actualy be able to pimp up my character, my pet, and get whatever mounts i want.

we have restarted our guild, Carnage, and we already have a base too :)
should be alot easier to keep now, that money is essentially free. no more needing to do trade runs all day just to get a meanly 9 gold guild funds. we still have to do construction and base quests, but there is no like, any rush on those we can take our time and just relax.

im really enjoying it. ive remade all my storm legion characters and they are all max lev pretty much. (the ex and drop rate is insane)
just gotta work on my jobs, they dont lev as fast. there is still lots to do :)

if you like FW or just wanna check it out, come on by! (if your not super busy with SN that is)

Vendetta Gaming Network

the server is called vendetta and its a nice cozy place. :)
if you do join up, contact me in game, my main is Kuthulu.

or you could visit
Carnage Webpage

and send me a message :)

since its a private server, the population is alot smaller. we could use some more peeps in the guild :)


  1. Oh hey, you into Guild Wars? Hubby picked up a copy of GW2 and wants me to try it out.

  2. i love guildwars. i played the gw2 beta and it was really good. i havent got it for pc yet tho cause my pc is broken. FW is free to play, so i dont have to go out and buy the game. i wold need to buy 2 gw2s, so me and my bf could both play it

  3. Yeah, I just tried it out and it's alright, it's just a matter of getting used to the controls, haha. I'm deeply involved in Borderlands 2 though....loving it!

  4.  yeah i was very confused with my first character. but i started another character, (a human ranger, somthing i was already familiar with) and after that caught on pretty quick. borderlands looks interesting. im not that into fps games, but that one looks fun

  5. Oh I love it. Plenty of cussing, comedy, and general gore. I will say I like the second Borderlands better than the first, but that's probably because in the first, your ultimate biggest game-ending a fight was with a creature that looked like a huge, fanged vagina.

    ....It wasn't pleasant.

  6.  metaphorically demonstrating that all gamer boys are terrified by lady parts? 0_o (or after seeing that they will be lol)


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