i may or may not have mentioned in the past, one of my all time favorite games (before the sims even) was Creatures. this is where my love for 'virtual life' began.
i played this game way back in 1999-ish. you hatch little critters called norns and take care of them and breed them.  they are alive, think, act, and react all on their own. they are not programmed to do certain things like sims. sims arent alive. creatures ARE. you are basicaly just a parent, you guide them, teach them, and help them survive. and when the game was off, they kept living.
they have DNA and can inherit traits from their parents, and even develop mutations. they can get old, sick, and die. there is even a little monster called a grendal that can attack them or make them ill.

i have been missing this game for so long, but most modern computers cant even run the old game cd. (and mine was destroyed and i cant even FIND another copy anywhere)

ive been playing a version on my laptop, the creatures docking station, but its very old, no longer supported, and not as much fun as the original.

i was poking around my creatures haunts earlier, looking for new breeds or cobs (mods, basicaly) and stumbled into information i was NOT expecting.

Creatures 4

ZOMG creatures 4!!! someone has been hearing my pleas and is remaking the game!!!

i hope its as wonderful and endearing as the original. i fear that it will bee too.. pokemon... and lose what made it really special.

but this is some of the best news ive heard in a long time. i have so so SO been wishing for this!!!!


  1. OMG Zeri, this looks so good, I think I played this when I was a kid when we first got a puter ... or something very similar anyway.


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