John Carter

has anyone seen this movie? i just watched this last night. i remember hearing so many jokes and scoffs about this movie being terrible. Conan O'Brien picked on it almost every night lol. it apparently did horribly in the box office.

well i thought that it looked pretty decent from the previews, so i wanted to watch it anyway. (i rarely give a shit what reviewers say. they only think a movie is good if its popular)
my opinion on the whole situation was it probably did bad in the box office because the title isnt exactly interesting.

well, back to the point. i watched it last night. and my first impression was wow.
this is actually a pretty decent movie. at face value, its a very exciting, visually appealing adventure.
but a closer look and the story seems kinda.... dejavu.
it DID kinda seem to be Disneys attempt at making Star Wars.
instead of a space samurai movie it was a space cowboy movie. (the similarities to the phantom menace are uncanny)

it also seemed reminiscent of Dune, The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and ...Fringe.

but hollywood is nothing but a giant recycle machine. and imho, this movie was ALOT of fun and really worth taking a look at. i do believe i will be watching it again. and the main character is a hottie lol.

and i still think it did badly cause the title is stinky.


  1. I thought it was an okay movie when I saw it. There was nothing particularly wrong with it; it was exciting, there were funny moments, and the characters were about as fleshed out as one would expect from a CGI sci-fi action flick. It was just marketed poorly and given an uninteresting title, and the fact that it lost Disney money (and a head studio exec) gave it an even worse reputation. I still think it was better than a lot of other movies that came out this year (Underworld Evolution, Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman, Total Recall... Magic Mike).

  2. yeah that pretty much sums it up. this movie has ALOT to offer, and could have even spawned sequals. i have seen alot worse, thats for dam sure. i am going to add this one to my list of favorites tho. good job Disney.


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