a while back i got an email at my hotmail address saying that someone was trying to hack into my world of warcraft account, and i should change my password.
which wouldnt really be a big deal if i HAD a world of warcraft account. (i dont)
so apparently someone signed up for the game using MY email address. which is weird enough by itself. i ignored it and went on my merry way.
fast forward to today. i get an email on my AOL account saying my diablo account is being accused of breakin TOS and may be terminated...

again, i do NOT have a diablo account.. now this is getting really weird.
both of these games are owned by Blizzard. and i do not have accounts with them, for ANY game.
so who the fuck is making accounts using my emails?? who the hell even KNOWS my emails?

it MUST be the same person, considering both games are blizzard.
i cant even think of anyone i know who would know both of those email addresses and who wold also play WOW in the first place.
maybe one ex comes to mind.. but i dont know if he knows both addresses...

how very strange... and im not really sure what to do about it. i tried to contact blizzard, but i cant get any support tickets without an account with them (HA)
so i just changed my passwords. just in case, this person also knows THAT.

well at least i can have a nice giggle that their diablo account will be deleted because they violated TOS and i 'ignored' the email.

HAHAHA. thats what you get for stealing my addy, you fuckwit


  1. They sound like phishing attempts rather than someone using your details. They probably link to fake sites so they can get logon details.  What a pity you don't have any!  

  2. yeah what a shame lol.  makes we wonder tho how these guys are getting my addys in the first place.  i got half a mind to use the link and make up a fake log in lol


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