so they added a bot..

normaly im against botters. because is essentially cheating. (not to mention its dumb to have the game just play itself)
but forsaken world just added a bot IN GAME. as in, not an illegal bot that you download, its part of the game so its not cheating at all.
i have been trying it out and all i can say is i cant believe i have been against botting all these years lol.

i freekin LOVE it. i still do my normal quests manualy as i would, but hard bosses, hit the bot button and away he goes! it controls him better than i would, so my survivability is alot higher. plus, i have alot LESS stress now, that  i can leave my screen during instances or boss fights to do things for my kids, and not have to worry about standing there afk.

alot of ppl are complaining (because thats what people like to do) but i love this bot and i think its one of the best things to come to this game in a while.

now that the guild base is gone and there is the bot, i have 0 stress. i can focus on fun :D

bot bot bot. bot all day


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