computers are weird

last few days i have bee noticing that the sims 3 site looks kinda.. smeared. i figured it was just the site (since its always fucked up anyway) and paid no attention.

last night, however, i noticed that all my desktop icons were ALSO smeared... and quite severely. i thought my monitor was 'tired' so i shut the pc down.

this morning the smears were not only still there but worse. so i start fiddling with the settings, thinking maybe somthing got out of wack.
nothing helped. so i begin to think aw fuck now i gotta buy a new friggin monitor, i cant afford that shit right now!!!!!

well i decided to google it... and to my surprise there was OTHER people with the same problem. and you will never guess what the solution was.. no go ahead, guess.
youll NEVER guess.
update the drivers? adjust the settings, contact the maufacturer? nope nope nope

it was somthing as simple as WIGGLING THE POWER PLUG

thats it. that actualy fixed it lol

i dont think i will EVER really understand computers...


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