at last

ill be able to recreate the characters from my favorite show!

sure i could have made Sally (a ghost) and Aiden (a vampire) but what about poor Josh? i couldn't in good conscience just PRETEND he was a werewolf now could i?

well that out of the way, i have a little something ot say to ALL the supernatural haters everywhere.

shut up. i had to suffer thru your kay perry bullshit. i had to not update my game (and avoid the forum) for your showtime garbage. now they are finaly releasing something I LIKE that will excite me about this series again.

so take your pissing and moaning and cram it. you dont like it? you dont have to! DONT FUCKING BUY IT
 keep your whiney complaining (wah its not seasons!!) shit to yourself, you spoiled little asshats!!!!


  1. I know! It looks awesome. :) I want to see them when you make them, even if it is quite a few months away! :) I love that show as well, and it would be cool to see them in the Sims.

  2. AWWW!!! But Zeri!! I want SEASONS..... :P Well I do, but I don't mind Supernatural either.

  3.  haha dont get me wrong i want seasons too, lol. but this EP practically has me running around yelling yippee yippee lol

  4. Oh, Zeri. How I have missed your on-point commentary of the forum posters. <3 

    I don't see you on the forums much lately. I just came back and I've been trying to get back into the game again. Stop by General Discussion more often! 

  5.  o hey james whats up? nice to see ya

  6. Oh, y'know, the usual. Life has been VERY busy lately so I'm enjoying a welcome break to go Simming. Got all my testosterone out of my system while playing Halo in a crowded college dorm after all. Had to do something a little more thought provoking and mature(?). 

  7. Yes! Being Human (I watch the UK version) ... and Buffy / Angel! I wonder if the werewolves will change or just be hairy all the time? 


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