a mother knows

i have had issues with my son his entire life. it didnt take very long to notice that he wasnt 'normal'. but years and years in therapy, the brilliant thereapists could come up with nothing better than 'adhd', 'odd' and bad parenting. -_-
i suggested several times that i thought he may has aspergers. they pretty much scoffed at me. 'you are not a doctor, therefore you know nothing. your son is just hyper'
no... its goes WAY beyond that. they ignore me when i described the odd movements he makes when enjoying somthing, or watching tv. just brushed it off. theyu ignored me when i described how ocd he was about certain objects or activitys.. what do I know, right? im not a doctor. meds will fix everything. (they didnt)
well the school actualy DID listen to me, and gave me a questionair to fill out. (since other than myself, the school was the only other one to see him daily and KNOW what hes like)
the school called today and said he definitely DOES fall into the asperger/austism spectrum.
this is EXACTLY why i stopped bringing him to those quacks. he DOEs have a problem, a problem we can now, have tested.
a problem i brought up YEARS ago and was ignored because, hey, what does a mother know? nothing, thats what.
fuck you.
ive hated shrinks since i was little and was forced to go to one. HATE THEM. FUCK ALL YOU FUCKING QUACKS
not a SINGLE one i have ever been to, actualy gave a fucking dam about you. all they care about if fitting you into some profile and writing you off or putting you on meds. next.

ug... they make me sick


  1. It's good you have an answer now Zeri so that now you at least have a direction to go in. I wish you and your son the best. :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with psychiatrists, Zeri. :( As someone who was formerly on the track to become one, I can definitely confirm that the practice has reduced itself to diagnosing and handing out bottles of medication that may or may not do anything useful. (It's usually the latter) It's a sad state that our psychiatric system is in. I can only hope that we revert back to sitting down and talking with out patents to really glean from them their problems as opposed to trying to make it go away with placebos and often harmful drugs. I wish you and your son the best! :) 


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