people are dumb

i have always thought it was pretty stupid when people name their MMO characters after their profession. (supermage, nuker, elitetank, etc) but its really REALLY stupid, when you misspell it.

saw a guy in the world chat earlier named Pirest.  ... a priest... who obviously misspelled his name. it also buggs me when people misspell guild names.

you know, im not a terrific speller. but if im going to be sporting the name on top of my head for months/years to come, IT HAD FUCKING BETTER BE SPELLED RIGHT. it doesnt take too much effort to open up dictionary .com to double check


  1. I'm the same way. I tend to name my characters, yes, based on what class they are, but I make it classy. Like if I make a bard, I'll name her Kadence, or something that references musicality. I'm not going to name her SuperBardwithBoobs because that's just dumb.

  2. yeah thats totaly what i mean. its fine if you put some creativity into it, but just naming your toon 'Healz' is a little lame. some people just dont even try


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