a little girl died yesterday

i didnt know her, but shes my daughters age, and she lives very close by. my neighbors' kids apparently knew her. there is a very somber shadow over my neighborhood today.  i dont know if my daughter knew her... i guess ill find out today if she comes home from school crying.
i read in the local news yesterday that someone had fallen into the river and rescues crews were on the scene. i didnt think much else of it, when i read they had rushed someone to the hospital. i assumed since they had gone to the hospital, they would probably be ok. i had no idea someone died.. i had no idea it was a child.
altho this was not anyone i know, it has effected me. a child is dead. she lived nearby, and the kids in my neighborhood knew her. this is real. its hard to shrug off something like that. ive always had a very cold -matter of fact- way of dealing with death and hardship in my own life. but for some reason when it happens to someone else, it really messes me up


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