for like 2 years now i have been eagerly awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2. now that the time is almost here, i find myself extremely dissapointed. ive been listening to what people who have beta tested it have been saying (i didnt get in to the beta) and ive read about the new features and game structure. they seem to have completely destroyed EVERYTHING about guild wars that made it special and stand alone from other online games. now its just like every other open world douchebag fest in the world.
what happened to our private maps? i LOVED that feature. i hate being pestered by every dipshit with an internet connection and a copy of the game, running his mouth on the chat channel to anyone who will listen (and in alot of games, you are forced to because you cant turn off world chat)
GW2 now has an open world, just like every other mmo. yawn. they also got rid of the duel class feature. i dont know why, i LOVED this! i made almost all my characters mixed with ranger so i could have a pet. or my necromancer/dervish mix was awesome cause she could wield a scythe.
wtf guild wars? you took the uniqueness and destroyed it. the only thing, and i mean the ONLY THING GW has on any other game now, is the free online play.

if thats all you have to offer me, i apparently need to go window shopping again.  for yet ANOTHER game that ill probably have to wait 2 years for.


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