i dont think you understand who your dealing with

just in case you didnt get my little message on Simpletons.

Listen here, you little fucktard. You are not welcome here, so take your childish bullcrap elsewhere. Did you think i was somehow shocked and horrified by pictures of nude women? Ive seen a thousand pictures like that, and worse. Did you think telling my users to jump naked off a cliff would strike fear into our hearts? It only demonstrates how PATHETIC you are. Stay off my forum, dipshit. This is not EA. i can AND WILL ban your ass. And let me remind you once again how FAIL you are. You dont scare me, you dont threaten me. Your tiresome. All you did was give me work to do. Why dont you go find some dolls to play with, like a good little dickless boy, and leave the adults to talk in peace.

 getting the picture yet, jackass? Im not a big souless corporation. i actualy MODERATE my websites.


  1. Oh for fuck's sake. Someone really needs a life. In a padded room. With the lights off. In a straitjacket. ;)

  2. ROFL! ^This!

    I had no idea he came over to Simpletons. WTF! Get your shoutgun out Zeri. We troll hunting! :P


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