well i just had a terrible scare

my cat is a bit crazy, its one of the reasons i love him. and its not uncommon for him to suddenly jump up and run thru the house. so when i saw him jump out of his box and run up the stairs this morning, i thought nothing of it. in fact i believe i called him a nutcase on his way up.

but a few seconds later my daughter started screaming that something was wrong with the cat, so i ran upstairs to see. he seemed to be having some kind of seizure. his legs were running but he was hitting the wall. his tail was puffed up and he just seemed to not know where he was. it was terrifying.

after a few minutes he calmed down and now he seems ok.. altho breathing heavy.. but what an odd thing. 30 years i have had cats and neve3r seen anything like this. i hope hes gonna be ok..


  1. Sounds like a fit - which can happen when they get older. Please please please take him to the vet, as there's medicine you can get for it. It might even be a mild dose of poisoning from something like antifreeze. You're better off getting it checked rather than all of you stressing out for days (which will in turn stress your cat)

  2. hes actualy quite young, or so i assume. he was a stray i found on the doorstep a year ago. he is still youthful and playful, so i dont believe he is older than 4.
    there is no way he had any contact with a chemical, because hes strictly indoor and i dont keep any thing like that in the house. i have small children, and i never keep chemicals around.
    we asked a vet, and we were told to watched him and if it happens again to bring him in.. but i really dont think i could afford it if he has some chronic problem or organ failure. everything i read online says a seizure like that might be a precursor to kidney failure.

    omg i will cry... hes my favorite cat and i cant afford to take care of him if hes really sick..

  3. Something similar to this happened to my rabbit. God I loved that bunny, she was so sweet and inteligent.

    I hope your cat's okay. Send him hugs from me.


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