germaphobe much?

i noticed recently ads on tv about the hand pumps of liquid soap. how they claimed all your 'dirty germyness' was getting all over the hand pump and you just get it on yourself the next time you use the soap.

ok maybe its just the way i wash my hands, but dont you wash OFF everything AFTER you touch the hand pump? so who really gives a rats ass whats on it? it could be covered with the ebola virus, if your immediately washing your hands, it doesnt really matter.

people are really TOO dam paranoid about germs these days. got news for you. a few germs are good for you. they help your body get stronger and learn to fend off the really bad stuff. thats what our immune system is designed to do.
as long as you wash your hands regularly, you dont have anytthing to worry about.

sheesh...  what is the damn obsession with everything being sterile? is it just me who sees how ridiculous this is?


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