a great little game you may not know about

i have been away from my simmies for the last week or so, because i have been deeply entangled in the puzzles of the island if Isola.. that is, playing virtual villagers lol.

for anyone who has NOT heard of this game, lemme sum it up.  you get a small group of random villagers, stranded on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs. you need to teach them how to live off the land, and keep them alive and healthy, and breed new generations to thrive and discover the secrets of the island.
sound like fun? well it is!  unlike the sims, virtual villagers does not need your constant attention. it runs in real time, and will continue to 'play' even when your computer is off (unless you pause your village) things can sometimes progress very slowly, so its good to check on them, do a few things, then go do something else while you wait. of course, you can always stay around for hours helping the children collect the rare collectibles (something villagers cannot do without your aid) but most tasks, once taught to a villager, they will continue to do unless you tell them to do something else.

you must also figure out the secrets of the island, depending on which game you are playing (there are FOUR virtual villager games) each one has a different objective. in this latest one, you need to save the tree of life. so while making a life for your little villagers, you must also try to heal the tree, and save the island. here are few screenies from my game.

children can collect mushrooms for the food bin. only children can collect things from the ground, so its very worth it to keep your villagers breeding. but more population means more food

the tree of life. im only about halfway to saving it. the puzzles in this one are much more complex than previous villager games

each villager has a status page, where you can choose what skills he or she should work on. it also states their health status, likes, age and gender. likes can effect the way a villager behaves. they can also become sick and die, so its a good idea to check on them now and then. setting a check mark on a skill, tell that villager to focus on that skill. but you will need to teach him first. if you want him to build, drop him onto a building project untill he gets the hang of it. some villagers are stubborn tho. eventually, they will  get it.  they take breaks now and then to do laundry, get a drink, go swimming, but they go right back to work when break time is over lol.

well, i just wanted to share this little gem with you all. being simmers (most of you) im sure this is a game you may enjoy.  here is the official site, for more info and a download link. you can get a free trial to try it out.


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