i dunno how to delete a post, so instead of having a blank one here, i guess i should write something.
well i heard last night while i was playing perfect world that china was hit with a huge quake.
how awful. these quakes are really scary. of course, the spoiled little shits playing couldnt have cared less.. when someone announced on the chat that china had a quake, some 'witty' person said, 'i hope they secured all the egg rolls'
what a fucked up thing to say, when someone just announces that 67 people died!!
some teenagers really piss me off. bunch of self important, arrogant little shits.
its getting so that i hardly even want to play my favorite games or even go on the internet anymore, these twats are everywhere. dont their mothers know wtf they are doing all day?
my mother sure as hell kept tabs on me. and i sure as HELL dont let my daughter on the internet. shes only 10, but i have still seen plenty of 10 year old trolls on the EA forum.
there is a serious lack of respect for people and it pisses me off.
i was raised to respect other peoples property, feelings, and personal space. nowadays, kids seem to think the world is theirs for the taking and 'stfunoob' to anyone who says boo to them.

well this has accidently become a rant lol (i really complain too much, dont i?)
so ill leave this topic alone now


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