some things are just mean to be

i have this sim family that i share with my daughter. its a 'swap challenge' i play one generation, then she chooses the heir and plays the next and so on.

well its currently my turn. the current sim, Hydra has had a rough time finding herself a mate lol.
when i inherited her, she had a high school sweetheart that she met at prom.

but he was funny looking so i dumped him. then the game erased him (too bad we had plans for him)
and she went around looking for a new boyfriend. several dates and not much luck later, i realize she is a gold digger. so now i need to look for RICH guys.

this town seems almost devoid of rich guys. she gets a phone call from a guy named scott, asking her out on a date. i send her there to meet him, hes pretty cute, but hes stuck in some terrain and the date ends badly.

she meets him at his house the next day to sort of fix last night bad date, and discover hes got a girlfriend! and he lives with her. what a jerk.

well became friends with him anyway (and risky wohoo'd just to spite her) and sent her home

3 days later Duke was born. Scott was oblivious. in the meantime, Hydra was still scouring town for a rich guy, and found one.

the day after Duke was born she married old guy number 1. but, he had a family back home in his mansion and thye kept his wealth.. so when he died of old age (2 days later) she didnt get shit.

now i have to find ANOTHER old guy.

now scott calls her almost every day. she dates a few more people. has a few more flings with scott, but hes still living with his girlfriend she she more or less leaves him alone.

then she meets another old guy. hes pretty cute too. invite him over, and get him into bed.. and then he dies. -_-

didnt even get a chance to marry him.
time is running out for this LTW and there are no more old guys in town.

right when the old guy 2 drops dead, scott calls, AGAIN.
so being desperate (only has one heir and her clock is running out fast) she goes over to scotts house to hang out.

turns out hes single now.
she can finally have him all to herself.
in an hour they are married.

one big happy family at last.

and Duke finally gets to meet his daddy haha.
and now that Hydra is rich fomr her scuba diving job, Scott counts as rich hahaha

no point to this story, i just love the drama in my game :P


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