moved my legacy family again

moonlight falls was getting crowded, so i went looking for a fresh town.
unfortunately i lost all my bastards, but oh well. wasnt gonna keep em anyway :P

was directed to this town called Salmon Woods by simrealty. its almost a cross between pine valley and moray lake, but like, good lol.

found a nice lot up on a hill overlooking the town and graveyard. had to put my house in sideways, or ill just be looking at the mountain, but i think it worked out

 i put the house in here sideways so from my view i can see over the cliff toward the valley below. its quite a nice view

 the front of the lot from the road. that fence was already here.

 looking down over the city.

you can see a gypsy wagon form here :D

so not sure if im definitely staying here, but for now i think i am liking this town


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