ovevil adventures, the house loses weight

getting re-acquainted with my family, havent played them in a while.

 getting his boogy on with the new wife while pops looks on. and granduncle? i dont remember what relation demigod is to him.

 ate a jellybean and caught on fire.. smooth.

 asmodiar, the demon! forrest has a new best bud. well its not new, only the demon skin ^_^

 ahhh finaly! after weeks of risky woohoo there is finally a bun in the oven. forrest is actually excited. he has settled into the family man role rather well considering his past. hes is a devoted husband and  hes looking forward to being a father

 he even took it upon himself to befriend the child. happy birthday, xander!

 hes a redhead.. huh..

 not many interesting developments to report. things are just chugging along smoothly. its bound to go smoothly when you live to be a thousand and life never changes lol (i need to change that) so i got bored and renovated the house a little. its a good house with everything i want and need, but it is just a tad too sprawling.

so i removed the secret vampire/magic room and instead, made it underground

i left the bookshelf door exactly where it was, but now instead of a small room that leads into the crypt, there is just a small room with a staircase

that leads DOWN to the crypt. the room is otherwise exactly the same as it was before. just underground. plus i added a little secret hallways connecting it to the other part of the cellar, but the hallway is hidden, and the doors are hidden. teehee.

so now if someone other than me were to play this house, they would not know this hallway is even here unless they started exploring the walls

ive tried using the WA secret doors for vampire rooms in the past, but since the sim has to unlock the door EVERY single time, it got on my nerves and i abandoned that idea.

well now since the main entry to the crypt is the sliding bookcase door, (which sims have no trouble finding on their own) i can put the other passage there as a sort of backdoor. i think its neat, and it really give this house some more personality i think :)

i doubt i will ever use the hidden hallway, but its just cool that its there. i guess is i really HAD to get from the crypt to the basement in a hurry, now i can, altho i cant foresee a scenario where i would need to.


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