so i bit somebody today

in eso you can have 5 guilds simultaneously. up untill now i have only been in 2 really. i joined a few others but didnt really like any of them. small dinky shit guilds where nobody talked.

well today i saw an ad for a guild with a cool name so i went ahead and joined it. seems cool so far. but then like 10 minutes later somebody near me just randomly added me to THEIR guild.

so i said fuck it and went ahead and joined that one too. its got a dumb name but so far everyone seems pretty cool. and there was one girl who wanted a werewolf bite, so i said i would bite her if she wanted.

but then she dc'd or somthing and i wasnt sure she still wanted it, so i wandered off.
then, i noticed that someone new joined my OTHER new guild and it was her haha. funny coincidence!

now we are in 2 guilds together :P

well since we are such besties now, i pm'd her asking if she still wanted that bite. i took her out to Hircine's shrine and took me a minute to figure it out, but i did it :)
went wolfy and mauled her. heh heh. twas fun. im looking forward to mauling more people.

and ill do it for free

(most people charge for a ww bite)


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