Castle Tarn, and the Royal family

 Castle Tarn. there was a lovely little lake in the middle of roaring heights that had a road leading right up to it. seemed the perfect place to build a castle. unfortunately, roaring heights isnt exactly the right theme for a castle. o well.

 The lord of Castle Tarn is King Falcon Pendragon. Hes a good king but hes only about 5 foot tall. His royal robes weigh more than he does.

 He met a fine lady from another land. Sakuri Hondo. She is a strong athletic princess who is at least a foot taller than him and can probably bench him as well. She excels at archery and simfu. Falcon is quite smitten

 They fell for each other quite fast. Falcon spent every free moment with Sakuri.

 in fact, Sakuri seemed to find herself in the sort of trouble an unmarried princess doesnt want to get into.

Falcon proposed right away. Any children he had were going to be legitimate heirs. Sakuri accepted, but really, she would be a fool not to.

unfortunately the castle governor met an untimely end fixing the hot tub. o well it happens. He was pretty terrible at governing the castle anyway. meals went uncooked, beds went unmade. ironically he was great at repairs tho

Falcon wasted no time tying the knot! Sakuri is now officially a Pendragon, and so too will their child. Sakuri, Queen of Tarn. They got married swiftly, so most of the nobles do not suspect a thing. but there will be whispers when she begins to show, for sure

this is my new legacy family that i am beginning :) i had already set forth some rules for myself. the castle must contain no less then 5 room mates (nobles) at any given time.the castle must have a butler.
only legitimate heirs can claim the throne. any bastard children, no matter how desirable, will not be accepted.
the adult heir, will always take the political career. the spouse may do whatever they wish.
male or females will be acceptable heirs. none of that patriarchy shit here.

thes more or less all i have so far, but ive only just begun. im really excited about this family, so i have a feeling ill be sticking with them a while. its especially fun to have the roomies and pretend they are the court nobles. there is always people in the throne room and roaming around the castle! plus my banquet hall gets used. in the past when i made castles they were always so empty.

i am using nraas to put the butler into appropriate clothing. i may do the same with the roommates but i havent decided yet. i dont exactly have THAT many medievaly outfits to go around. ill tire of them quickly im sure.


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