well Moray Lake is almost ready

there is nothing else i can do with edit in game being all crashy like it is, so the town will have to be released as is.

its more or less done, but the player will have to add a lot of lots because i just couldnt do it.

ill be testing more and taking pics over the next few days and them ill have an upload for anyone who wants to try it out. its a nice town imo.

its got a city area, large enough for almost every EP lot, lots of country side, lots of beach front property and plenty of ports. even dive lots (which i couldnt get finished, so they are just empty)

there is more than enough room in this town for every singe ea store lot and ep lot you could have your little heart set on. and plenty more room for custom stuff. i love big towns! and its not super laggy, at least not on my machine.

so far im enjoying living there, and i hope you will too :)


  1. hmm i just remembered i forgot to set the water designation on the lake. hopefully they dont just walk across it like they did in stone wall. i might have to take it back in one more time

  2. didnt find too many issues, but i fiddled with a few things and also gave all the streets names. filled in a few empty areas next to the roads, and added the water deginators. now i just need edit in game to work for 5 damn minutes so i can adjust the lots. i acidently put in 2 vargs taverns, so one has to go. i also had to edit the rollerrink because i forgot to paint a wall, and i had to adjust the campsite because i put the wrong tents in. but since edit in game crashes almost immediately now when i open it up, this is an almost impossible chore. i dont want to release it now, when its SO close to being complete, i just have like 10 minutes of work to do! it just wont let me >;(


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