i would have given up if i hadnt already gone so far

usually im quite the quitter. but i was feeling particularly persistent the other day so i tried fiddling with CAW AGAIN. i readon somewhere that changing the fog settings in CAW might make a difference. the problem i was having was not the exact same problem that person was having, so i dismissed that solution at first. but, being out of other options , i went ahead and tried it anyway. it did seem to help a little. and it seemed to effect my ingame worlds, without even exporting anything. here are some comparison pics.

 not the best representation of what i was seeing, but the only pic i have. this was taken from my house in game. you cant even see down the road, it all sky and fog. driving anywhere looked like sims 2. just emptyness.

after changing the fog setting.

things are much crisper, and vibrant, and you can actually see buildings now. there is still some hazyness in the distance, but thats fine. at least i can see now! it was IMPOSSIBLE to try to place lots when the entire world was white.

so perhaps i am not giving up. ill go back in and do what i can. edit in game it still crashy, so i have to build lots in live game, and then put them in the bin, and then place them in CAW.. which is annoying, but do-able. ive been play testing the world, and i really enjoy it. its also giving me ideas on where i need to make improvements. (and what is broken and needs attention)

maybe in another year ill finaly have this bastard finished lol

so get to work, lazy bones! lol


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