Moray Lake

well its been an irritating day! tried so many times to get edit in game to work, for even a few minutes to change the things that need changed. and it will absolutely NOT work. so, the world is done. there is nothing else that can be done to it on my end. its not finished, but its as finished as its ever going to get.

on top of that, i cant log into my file sharing site anymore. since its been a long time, and my firefox had that meltdown the other day and lost all my cookies. and it wont let me reset my password either it just wants me to make a new account .

so i uploaded my world to the exchange.. only, where the hell IS the exchange anymore? (and it took me another hour to figure out how to log into origin since my cookies are gone)

well all that done i think i found the damn thing. i dont know if the exchange even works anymore, but here goes.

Moray Lake

some info!

this is a large town, but it is minimally populated with lots so lag shouldnt be a big problem. i was unable to add many lots due to my caw issues.

there are 2 vargs taverns accidentally. the vanilla one, and one i remodeled. didnt realized i had already placed one, oops! cant remove now..

also removed the dive lots trying to get edit in game to work. didnt help, so now the dive lots will have to be added manually. not really a big deal, really. gotta add them to every town i play anyway.

i dont know if i was able to replace the campsite. i used the wrong tents in the initial lot, and i went back and changed them. but i dont know which version is in the town atm. if its the old one, just gotta go in and delete the tents. they wont be functional. i had a mod that lets me place functional camping tents, but i used the wrong ones so they are just objects. bleh. also, the sidewalk leading to the campsite looks like it has a crack in it. (like it isnt connected)  i tried and tried to fix this, but it acts as if the sidewalk is one piece in CAW. so just ignore it lol.

the apartment lots are a mess. i didnt get a chance to fix those. (unless you plan on living there, not really a huge issue)

the world itself tho, is done. the roads and routing is all complete. empty lots are placed all over, and there is room for plenty more. there are ample spawners, but not TOO many. all basic rabbitholes should be included. plenty of room for more tho. you can place every community lot EA ever made in this town.

a note on the rabbitholes: some of them MAY not show up, as i am using store content and im not sure how those lots will travel. if they do not, i apologize.

well here are a few screens form around town.

 there are many ports. this town is very houseboat friendly!

 it is a large enough city, but it really takes up such a small area that you barely know its there. the majority of the town is rural

 this pic doesnt really do this area justice. the view from here is very nice

 this is from my personal test game. many of these lots are not in the upload (due to the edit in game issues i already mentioned) but they fit in here very well. these are all EA lots

 the one and only bridge in town.

 i even threw some ITF lots in here. there are so many lots in the city area i was running out of things to put there


the lake is great for water sports!

CC and store content was used in this town. whether or not those things will travel with the file is anybody's guess. most of my content is package files so probably not.

all lots are EA, my own, or donated from former forum members. i did not use anyone's custom lots not that i know of at least, i have a lot of shit and i forget where it all comes from sometimes.

well i think thats all the information one would need. if you have any questions about the town, feel free to ask me.

this is a fun town to play in, and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!


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