more adventures in Archeage

ill admit. im addicted.

 taking the bus again. man that bus driver is uuuglyy

 i climbed a tree. im not sure why you can climb trees but omg i climbed a fucking tree!

 here come an airship! i wonder if i can get on it!

 i can i can!! these air ships take to to faraway lands! they are like the bus, running on regular intervals back and forth to a specific port.

 everyone looks like little ants from up here

 i climbed another tree! because why the fuck not

 my lute playing jam. instruments work sort of like buffs in this game. a flute can give you a magic buff. the lute gives you a health buff. i heal while im playing it

 i got a baby donkey. isnt he cuuuute?

 here i am raisin up mah donkey. i got him in a trade run quest. he is apparently one of the only mounts you can ride while wearing a trade pack. ill still take the bus when i find one:P

 hes about to age up!


 now i can drag my ass all over the continent lol. he looks so small compared to my lion. i feel like im gonna squish him

i got a glider! wow are these things hard to maneuver. gonna take me a while to get the hang of THAT. its not really flying, but falling with style.


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