it was a great ride... and i cant wait to return

today ended my beta test of Arche Age! :'( im sad to see it go, it was a fun game. my last few screens of my adventures.

 got my donkey to ride on the carriage with me hehe. he has his own seat

 right across from me :)

 went to mirage island (kind of like one giant mall) and saw this display ship upside down. i guess someone test drove it and flipped it over lol

 the anchor is waving 'hello!'. not really waving tho, just sticking strait out lol

 bought a new mount called a yata. its funny looking little thing.

 now hes even funnier looking lol

 tadaa! kangaroo llama mount! hes wicked fast

 rowboating the open sea at night.. this is scary.  i was promptly killed by sea bugs

 jumpin off cliffs is fun!

 found a nice little lake :) i might build my house somewhere around here

riding the airship again lol. with my yata (Kangaroo Jack )

ahhh i miss the game already. i hope i get into the next beta


  1. I saw this one on Steam and wondered what it was like! Looks a bit like GW2. Really tempted but I think I'm already to committed to more games than I will have time for in the next couple of months.

  2. really not that much like gw2. gw2 combat is much better lol. and for some reason, gw2 bored the crap out of me once you get end game. so i leveled up 5 characters to 80 and was then just that much MORE bored. archeage is probably more like everquest in the look and feel of it, plus the variety of things to do. they REALLY need to work on combat


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