well its time to face reality.

my phone has been stolen. i thought for a while that perhaps i misplaced it. even tho that is somewhat unlike me, because im pretty ocd about where i put my stuff.
after like two week of looking in all the logical places (and some not so logical) i have to finaly conclude that the bastard is gone.

now, i dunno if one of my kids took it, and its floating around in their rooms somewhere. or if one of my bf's loser friends took it.
either way, im extremely pissed.

sure i didnt really use the phone all that often, and it was mostly for emergencies. its not like anyone ever calls/texts me. but i had a ton of pictures and videos on that phone that i cant replace. and since my phone was retarded and only sent pics to my google account when it wanted to, i didnt get to backup all of them.

so now i have to go shopping for another phone, when im flat fucking broke and i was lucky to get that sonoabitch for the low price i found it at.

i been checking my balance every day, and nobody has put any money on the account (its a virgin mobile pay as you go thing)
plus the battery was dead when it disappeared, so good luck using it, asswipe.

thats what makes me even MORE mad. not only is it missing, but whoever took it cant even use it, so what a waste it was. just give me my shit back! it was only useful to ME and you dont need it!


now i have to go on ebay and try to find a cheap ass used virgin phone to replace it, before i lose my fucking number


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