thinking about ditching my legacy

things just havent gone right for that family for several generations now. the stop and go lag bullshit is beyond irritating, its 'game breaking' as in i stop playing for weeks because im sick of dealing with it.
im not sure how many more hidden traits i can realistically cram into these sims anyway. they have added so many now, that dont even work together so i cant collect them all even if i tried.
and my blog is just a total failure. it stopped being entertaining like 5 generations ago i think. it is nice ot have just for the family tree/history tho. sometimes i forget who came outta who.
i have tried absolutely EVERYTHING to get rid of this stop and go freezing crap. ive rebuilt the house, ive moved to new towns, ive sold all their stuff, its to the point where the family just isnt the same anymore anyway. i might as well start over.

i DO have my latest heir in the bin so i could kinda sorta start fresh with him. or i could just start completely over. i haven't decided yet.

the big problem is the house. i LOVE the house. i dont want to abandon the house. but if the house is part of the problem, i will have to build a new one, and i dont know if i have the damn energy for that shit anymore.

i have been playing so many other families just ot be able to play and not deal with the lag issues. i would probably be on gen 45 by now.


  1. I know how you feel in that aspect. I also have problems sticking with it though. The farthest I've got a legacy family is 4th, and then I either stop playing for awhile, or something else happens, and by the time I get back to the game, I've forgotten what I was doing, or just don't have the interest in that family anymore. It's a tad frustrating.


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