that awkward moment when..

your running thru the jungle/forest/dungeon with your npc pet/follower trailing behind you. you noticed a difficult path ahead, with many monsters too tough to kill alone. so you skirt around the outside, ducking just out of site, climbing over trees and ruins to avoid them, and land safely on the other side.

only to have your follower blunder right thru the middle after you, dragging all the mobs behind him.


  1. Skyrim version:

    That awkward moment when you run through a bandit camp, only to have to turn around and go rescue the bandits from Lydia.

  2. (Skyrim version 2)
    That awkward moment when you tiptoe your way through all of the dungeon traps and finally reach the boss fight when you realise Lydia is stuck back at the beginning having blundered into the first trap.

  3. haha she was more trouble than she was worth sometimes


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