im sorry but i just dont get it

these people who insist evolution is just some idea and not a real thing.. i mean you can SEE evolution working in the world around us every day!
consider dogs for instance. do you think dogs just popped out of nowhere? or god dropped them into our living rooms? no, we MADE THEM. by forced evolution. we took wolves, and bred them with the qualitys we wanted. and after so many thousands of years we have so many thousands of breeds. We wanted small dogs, we bree the smallest of the litter, so each generation got smaller and and smaller. we wanted spotted dogs, so we bred the ones with spots togtether until theere were hundreds of em.
not good enough for you? how about the common cold? you know why you cant get the same cold twice? once you have a cold, you cant catch it anymore. your body has antibodys to fight it off. so, viruses mutate. this is evolving. ever hear of pests that are resistant to pesticide? guess why?
there are SO many examples of evolution in our world, it boggles my mind that people can be so dimwitted to NOT BELIEVE in it, like its an idea, and not FACT. the nice thing about science, is that its true whether you believe in it or not

just another thing that pisses me off about the world EVERY DAY


  1. my stepfather argues that the world is only 6 thousand years old l0l

  2. oh my, one of THOSE.

  3. It gets more fun. My favorite are the people who argue that genetically-modified foods are harmful to humanity. Considering "genetically modified" describes 90% of the food supply when you take into account the past 18,000 years of farming and selective breeding... yeah. If such a thing were going to kill us off, we wouldn't have lived this long.

  4. franken foods do get scary tho, because nobody knows exactly WHAT they are doing with it. modifying corn to be disease resistant is one thing. modifying corn to be super poison resistant so they can spray more on it to kill bugs, THAT bothers me. that poison soaks into the dam corn. and they are putting weird shit in EVERYTHING now. aspertame in milk, really? for what fucking reason? other than to hook kids on sweets so that even milk gets therm out buying crap like poptarts.
    FUCK the food industry.

  5. I admit, the idea of spraying it with more insecticides bothers me greatly. The levels we use now are not healthy for humans. And that crap with milk... well, I am suddenly glad I'm mostly lactose-intolerant and can't drink milk anyway. I never thought it would turn out to be a benefit in my life, but it certainly is right now.


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