so new myspace? wtf?

i always liked myspace. it was fun, it was a great way to meet ppl and really get an idea of who they are BEFORE adding them. and it was a great way to keep tabs on, and find new bands.
but then facebook came out and all the sheep flocked there, and my favorite place became a ghostyard.

so now myspace has made a new site. and its mostly about music again (the site was originally ABOUT music, not douchebags hitting on women) and its got a whole new format and everything. i had been playing with it, and making a playlist and it was pretty cool. but for likw. gees like 3 weeks now you cant even log in! they fucking broke it, ALREADY. now, when i go to the login screen, its goes black.

way to go myspace. you had like one little thing to do and couldnt do it right.
you might want to make sure a site WORKS before you go live with it, ijs


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