SP mod gettign on my nerves today

its got its moods.. today my game seemed to want to freeze up for like 10 minutes at a clip. REALLY irritating. most of the time i dont have any issue with sp mod. but certain towns (legacy towns, many generations) end up laggy and choppy.
i need some more ram like wicked bad.
i JUST moved my legacy family to this town too so its not overpopulation problems. the mod is just being.. jerky i guess. WELL QUIT IT CAUSE I WANNA PLAY!!!  photo smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-042.gif


  1. Someone else, on FB, was having similar issues, and he was ready to remove his SP mod (which he really didn't want to do).

    I told them to try this:


    It could help with your lag without you having to remove the SP mod or moving your family to another town. It will reduce your save file size which could be causing the town(s) to lag.

    How it works:
    1. It will delete all the SNAP TS3 created for each sim in the game. However, the game itself will not delete these images even though they are no longer in use and that's part of reason why the save is so big. Don't be panic! When you play the game, TS3 will re-generate all the necessary SNAP.
    2. When you travel and come back, all your memory is backup but not deleted. Consequently, your save have many duplicated pics. It will delete these duplicated images without influencing your save.

  2. o that sounds very helpful. i DID sent one of my sims to egypt yesterday, but some 'interesting' things happened and i left without saving lol. today the game has just been chugging along, and literally FIVE or more minutes of solid frozen screen. so maybe there is some duplicate data that is boggin it down. ill have a look at this


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