a little blog fiddling

well i noticed that i had a HUGE long list of blogs i follow over there, and well alot of them havent even been updated in like a year. i was goin to go thru and prune them all, but discovered i could just show the least 10 recently updated ones, so i did that instead. now the blog is a little less messy and i didnt have to delete anyone :)

i also added a page tab (is this new? never noticed it before) for some of the uploads i have posted here and there to make them easier to find. there is one tattoo i made that i cant NOT find anyplace in the blog altho im almost sure i posted it. was kind of a fun little journey tho, revisiting old blog posts. i cant believe ive been blogging for like 4 years now!

i think its great. ive kept a neat little personal history here for myself to look back on. and im glad i could share so many moment, jokes, and other odd quirky crapola that comes to mind, with you good people :)


  1. :O Where's my blog? You had my old ones, but you can go ahead and delete them because they are looong gone. So if you want to add http://vividsims.blogspot.com/ - you're more than welcome to. The pages have been around for awhile, I can't remember how long though. The blog looks great ^_^

  2. o good i will add that. your blog has changed so much sometimes im not caught on on new links :)


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