guildwarsy goodness

just some random screens from my adventures.. but mostly just me admiring my toon.

 this is my necromancer, Lady Tarantula. (i use that name in almost every mmo)

 this pic was funny lol. i found some goggles on the ground and when i put them on, i was in a bikini

you can dye your armor whatevr color you like, so thats cool.

 this is my main Ryndari. shes a ranger. i love goin around and taming pets ^_^ once i caught a fish THIS BIG (thats not taming tho i just found it)

this is the only picture i seem to have of my Charr, Kashri. i sat her on the throne lol. wow i need more pics of her shes so awesome.

i dunno why i take so many more pics of Lady shes not even my main lol. o well. im really hooked on this game right now, if you cant tell. its just so awesome. its got so many things other mmos just dont do for me

its actualy quite a bit like skyrim. (in a dungeon crawler kind of way) adventure, find secret places, do quests, find loot
its alot like Sacred. but unlike sacred or skyrim, its multiplayer and done very well too. its very balanced. and the nice thing is, your not FORCED to party or interact with other players. (i like to solo, and loath doing things with strangers)


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