zeri is sad

how long have i yearned for a pets ep? not only a pets ep, but HORSES. i have been BEGGING pleading, and wishing for horses in the sims. and now, its finaly a reality! but with one nice little catch. my entire cc collection has essentially become null and void.

i dont download much custom clothing. frankly, i think the quality of most of it is terrible. and with CAST, who needs so many different outfits? i have alot of custom hair, and alot of custom furniture.

o sweet jimmy the furniture. i have LOTS. beds, endtables, counters, dining tables, china cabinets, shelves, the list goes on and on and on. and some of it is donation sets, ie, they costs MONEY. (not that ive actualy paid for them, but its the principle of the thing) i LIKE to have different houses, where not everyone has the same 3 dam dinner tables.

so now i am in a conundrum. so i sacrifice my lovely stuff (my truckloads of stuff), and redo EVERY freekin house i own and somehow live in such a bland and boring everyone-has-the-same-furniture world, or say fuck it to the pets i have loved and begged for for all these years.

how to choose?

im thinking.... i can live without pets a while longer.. ive gone this long. but i LIKE my game the way it is. im not about to destroy everything.

no doggys for me...Photobucket

no kitties either Photobucket

no horsies  Photobucket

NO UNICORNS!!!!     Photobucket


  1. I think they can get that issue fixed, can't they? I'm not entirely sure of the total future of all the CC.

    However, I do think it's worth it to be honest. I wouldn't mind giving up CC for a certain amount of time (if not permanently) because with the review I'm writing, I'm playing through the game, and I love it. And you know me, I take anything with an EA stamp with a grain of salt.

  2. Hopefully the creators are working on fixing their stuff and there will be updates soon. I guess some of it may be lost forever though. 

  3. you take anything from EA like a flaming poo bag on the doorstep hahaha. but yeah, the more i see and read about this, the more and more i NEED it. and i know i WILL get it, im just still... stubbornly hanging on. its gonna be nearly impossible to replace that stuff... it will really cripple my decorative creativity... but i suppose ill  survive. it just breaks my dam heart

  4.  This might fix your problem:  http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2011/10/tsr-pets-cc-bug-fixer.html

    Have fun with pets ;)

  5.  wow this looks really helpful.. but im a tad skeptical. the granny demo thing seems.. like its a joke. and i dont trust TSR. if i can get some confirmation form, a trusted source that this is on the up and up, ill be all over this


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