lalalalala PONIES!

 Buster eating my garden. bad boy

 whoa, steady!

 ready to ride!

 uh.. maybe not so ready

 wild ponies!

frolicking ^_^

im so disgustingly happy. i dont care that half my cc is broke,. i hardly even care that my WA is now completely borked.. im so squeeeeeee about horses.

i havent even gotten another pet yet. but ive done the dog and cat thing before in sims 2. il get one eventually. but i had to, HAD to get a horse right away.

i love everything about it. they move so realistically. i love that you can control them if you want to, or leave them alone if you dont. i love how they have wants and lifetime rewards!

next step, find that dam unicorn....


  1. From what I understand, one Unicorn per world. Also, they show up past dusk and leave before dawn. They also like to spawn at fishing holes. You'll know if it's in your world if you see some colorful lights when you're in Map View. :)

  2. I had to have a horse also! Mine hasn't tried eating my garden, but that's probably because he's to busy running around the yard like a bat outta hell! What CC of yours is broken? Is it the furniture you were talking about in that other post or clothes and hair?

  3. I'm looking for a unicorn also, but I've been too busy with my family to really look. xD I asked AE actually.

    The horses are better than I thought. I'm finding myself enjoying the game again. It's been awhile since I've actually played Sims 3 for most of the day and didn't get bored. I'm glad you're enjoying the game too. Great pics! :)


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