after (sim) weeks of trying and trying, i finaly got tired of getting my unicorn legit, and i just shift clicked him into my household.

 Corvin rides bareback. just having a snack with a dude on my back

hes even lovely in the sunlight
 here he is, meeting my new cat.

dawn. look at the sun glinting off his coat giving him a rosy glow ^_^

now i need to either figure out how to breed him, or make him live forever. i tried to bring him to the place to stud him, but they said you cant stud a unicorn. >:(
can he even breed at all? i sure hope so. ill need to get a mare now and try it out. if not, ill have to do whatever i can to keep him alive. my family are vampires, so they will be expecting him to last a LONG time if i cant get offspring.

i couldnt ask for a more perfect pet for a family of pyro vampires! XD


  1. I was wondering how you got your unicorn up on the exchange?

  2. well for the black unicorn, i used master controller to  take him into CAS. but you can also get a horse into 'dresser mode' by editing their saddle. i didnt know that at the time. click on your adult horse, and choose saddle. you should be able to choose new tack for him and also coat colors/patterns. you can upload him from there as well


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