Hemlock legacy- everything changes

it finally happened! Vivek and Fabian were anxiously awaiting their new family member. funny how the one guy in this picture married to a woman is a gayest dude in the room haha. Maldynado, Vivika's husband, is at the house often.

the big day comes and its twins!!! of course it is. because i had ley line on as my lot trait for the longest time and NEVER got any twins so i finally got rid of it and replaced it with something else. first pregnancy with it off? twins. LOL

a boy and a girl. Lestat and Claudia. fabian wasted no time is snuggling his little bundles. hes family oriented so hes the happiest hes ever been. he also adopted into the home his daughter from a previous marriage, amara vatore. her mother is lilith, calebs sister.  thats right. his baby mama is viveks great great auntie.  fun times.

immediately after giving birth, vivek got abducted by aliens.. o please no.

vivika invited her self over and burst into flames on the doorstep! shes dead! the family is devastated.

her young son Stephan was an orphan now. Maldynado had aged up and the game shuffled him off to an old folks home, so the child was pawned off on some random family. i went and retrieved him. stephan should be with his family. he seemed to have inherited his father's love of hats

the twins aged up and are the most spoiled sims on the planet. 2 level 10 grandparents in the house, two level 5+ parents, and two nannies and a butler. they want for nothing.

Lestat is a handsome little angel.

Claudia is... well. shes disturbing.

 vivek and fabian were doting fathers. when they werent working or sleeping they were cuddling, playing or talking to their little ones. but the house is quite full now. there is no room for more children. so an heir must be chosen from between the twins, or stephan. he is still a viable heir candidate.

 she has fabian's eyes. they are quite shocking on such a small child haha. both children are vampires. which is weird, cause im pretty sure i told the mod to not allow any vampires to be born, only bitten. o well. whoever is not chosen will have to be cured before being released into the wild.

 stephan aged up into quite a handsome little fellow. he has his father's charm

 amara, the eldest child, is doing well. but with such a full house im wondering if i shouldnt just move her back in with her mother. (i mostly grabbed her because fabian and vivek weren't conceiving, and i wanted nannies to come back for my vamps to feed on)

Caludia aged up into a fairly decent looking child i suppose. but shes not my first choice.

 Lestat is a good looking fellow, but his features could go either way when he ages up. i guess we will have to see.

 gods shes disturbing! i truly like that about her hahaha

 fabian started a sister club to the family bonds group usualy run by my legacy heir. because he has such a large family, and i wanted them to be involved with the legacy family. so now i have viveks family in 'family bonds' and fabian's family in 'family tree' i can have both clubs running at once and the house is full of relatives all the time! its great!

unfortunately for the help however, the Vomitare-Mostros are all vampires, so they feed on my service people almost nonstop haha.


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