well the goths already bore me

this game SERIOUSLY needs some stuff to do. there was SO much you could do in sims 3. if im not currently an herbalist or a musician, its like there is absolutely nothing to do all day. im not going to build skills i dont need. and why would i want EVERY sim to have all the same skills anyway? they cant all be gardener/rocket making/violinists. maybe im missing something but im bored bored bored.

so i killed Cassandra.


took them on vacation to try to alleviate some boredom. didnt work. was as boring as before. so i thought a little death would perk things up. eh. it was ok. i set her on fire. the family cried boohoo.

then bella went into labor so i had to go home because she cant give birth in the woods i guess. they had a daughter named Ariel.

but they are still not very interesting. maybe its the house. ive never really been able to play EA houses for some reason. maybe if i rip it down and build my own thing it will be less awful. dont have any ideas atm tho.. and the lots are SO FUCKING SMALL

why do i even keep playing this?


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