oh my goth

downloaded a 'new' town that has fixed up and custom lots, and custom townies. but it still has the original EA townies, so when i loaded it up i decided to play the goths just because i already have like 2 active games and i didnt want to make any new sims to get attached to.

well now im attached to the goths! lol whoops. i took them into CAS to tweak them just a little. the changes are so subtle most people wouldn't notice. i didnt change alexander or cassandera because i plan on letting bella and morty breed more, so ill have a large pool of heirs to choose from.

i also moved their house to the vampire town, as it seems to belong there. after doing that, i realized that house is kinda small so i moved them into the vatore mansion lol

 unfortunately, i didnt notice mortys big ugly monkey ears. ill have to go back in and fix those. i  made the slope of his nose more gentle and i changed his eyes a little. i also gave him a more flattering skin overlay.

 bella telling morty she is expecting! i didnt change much about her at all. i gave her green eyes and a skin overlay. i may have smoothed her nose a little as well. (why to the goths always have horrible noses?)

 i moved the vatores out, but i guess they are still around somewhere because caleb is sneaking into my house...

 ahh he bit morty!

poor morty. so sad. cassandra and alexander bore me. they will be kicked out as soon as they reach age.

 i still havent gotten to explore much of the town yet.  there are supposedly all new community lots and old ones upgraded to have newer things in them like bowling alleys and whatnot. i may end up using this town for everybody if it was done really well lol. (not sure how tho since its technically just somebody's save file)


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