swap time

the two eldest children, Eric and Wikked have aged to teen. soon it will be time to turn the game over to my daughter. as soon as the eldest child hits YA or one of the founder heirs reach elder, whichever happens first.

 eric is a strange lad. splashing in some trash he found

  this was about the last time i had anything to do with the family. eric aged up and my daughter took over the family. i believe she chose little steve as heir, but she kept eric in the house as well.

eric met koichi's son, tori while he was at a bar. tori was walking past the bar and eric was drawn outside by his fabulous outfit.

he invited him on vacation and they soon sparked a romance

meanwhile, little steve met an exotic lady and ..i have no idea i wasnt here haha. dont even know what her name is, and this is the first time im seeing most of this :P

well they are an item it appears! and i dont know why here they have an alien audience, thats kinda weird.

o she proposed! congrats little steve!


looks like original steve is dead. :(  RIP steve

chroma is devastated.. and fatter than ever, seriously how does she keep getting fatter?

poor chroma. she loved him, even tho he was kind of a shitty husband

 whose this? eric? is that his baby? lol your guess is as good as mine

 omg tori died?? wth happened? he was a young vampire with his whole eternity ahead of him

ahh cute little scamp talking to death.

i guess tori is ok, because hes still around, phew. and whos THAT kid? how many kids are there? I HAVE NO IDEA

looks like steve made it to Sixam! and hes playing with toys, lovely

i have no idea whats going on here haha


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