arg sims 4 is so frustrating at times

it really REALLY bugs me that the neighborhoods are so 'fixed' and you cant customize them. it really bugs me that there is no cast. i find the perfect outfit for my sim and it doesn't come in the right color to match the rest of the outfit? ARG!

and seriously there is nothing to do. my sims get their motives up, have all the skills they need and they just sit around and watch tv.. if i want to watch people watching tv ill go look at my kids lol. what else is there to do in this game? i love my sims but i get SO BORED.

my current katsumoto heir is just gorgeous and i love her. her new husband is pretty damn gorgeous too.



its so conflicting to really love my sims and hate the game at the same time. i sure hope some future EPs will add more meat to this game cause right now im just sitting in a house being alive and not doing much else.


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