short and sweet

 Belisima threw herself a bachelorette party. she invited her mother, of course, elvira slayer and one other friend. love day is just around the corner, and since they got engaged so close to it, i might as well make it their wedding day

 i set up the upstaris balcony with a wedding arch. the view from here is lovely!

 not long after the wedding night, belisima starts to show. wooo time to get this show on the road!

 Keifer couldnt be happier

 a little girl was born, named Ariadne. she has nearly ALL the supernatural traits, in addition to the hidden traits this family normally has.. ug... mermaid and vampire are back. i might have to change things

 Keifer soon aged up. you can really see his awkward profile now

the camera suddenly shifted to the house and i thought one of the old folks was dying.. but no, apparantly Keifer just set one of them on fire. dude why. why would you set your elderly father on fire, you wackadoodle


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