pervert alert

 Muther is always making teppenyaki for some reason... no one here eats real food.

 i got this mod the other day that lets you take the script form one thing and stick it on another thing. its pretty nifty. i made this houseplant a hamper

 so keifer threw a party. i think it was a spookyday party. he invited his family and few close friends, which included the hemlock family. their daughter, belisima, came as well. and she was now a teen. he was talking to her and i saw the 'move in' option show up and i thought oooh this is too good.

 he invited her to live with him, and she accepted. well why wouldnt she? hes rich, hes famous, hes a rockstar, and he lives in a castle.

 so keifer kidnaps a teenage girl away from her family so she can be his future bride. uhm.. creepy?

 luckily her family doesnt care much, they are still good friends with him. maybe they are just hoping their daughter has a better life. he spends his days dancing and partying just waiting till shes legal

 and didnt waste ANY time making her a romantic interest. the birthday candles are still warm!

 belisima has a few.. genetic issues, so i sent her downtown to have some surgery. i really didnt want to change her look, i just needed to smooth a few things out. her face shape was horrifying and her head was huge. i didnt change her mouth, nose or eyes. i softened her eyebrow shape, her cheeks and adjusted her height and muscle tone (that pointy boob thing morrigan has irritates me) i also pumped up her hips and butt a little and made her taller. all very subtle changes tho, she still looks more or less the same

 she still has that hemlock look but isnt so barf inducing now. she also has forsaken vampire. i dont need that shit in my legacy again

and now they are engaged! so soon the breeding train will leave the station and we will see how horribly these two mix!
hes still got enough life left so that if she produces disgusting heirs, he can just dump her and remarry. i dont think ive ever done that in a legacy before.

ive never kidnapped a teenager and held her captive before either so its a generation of firsts!


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