well i finally figured out how to take screenshots in 7 days to die haha

 i spend so much time here, i might as well share some of my adventures. this is the forest across the street from my house

 my house. this is a prefab house that i adopted. its pretty neat, got a cool basement and everything. you can also build your own things. i have another game where i built a castle. but im lazy so if i can just take over another structure, thats what ill do haha. besides, in this game im somewhat of a nomad. when i get tired of a place, i pack up my shit and move on

 the back of my house. i planted all those trees too. gives it a nice atmosphere :)

 crafting is a large portion of this game, and probably the only reason i still play it. survival horror isnt really my genre. but let me build houses and hoard materials  and shit and im ALL over that

 just a nice view over the mountain near my home

 ahh the dreaded red night. every 7 days the sky goes red and the zombies swarm in mass numbers. you had BETTER have yourself a decent fort by the 7th day

 stupid puking cop zombies. they exploded and made holes all over my road >:(

the morning after... i have the spawn rate turned up to almost max so i get non stop zombies till dawn.
there are just bodies everywhere. there would be more even, but i blew quite a few up with my crossbow. exploding crossbow bolts FTW


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