i may be in trouble now

so it was just day 56.. the 8th week. and i think it might be getting a little too rough for me.

i was running thru town looting when i noticed a small herd. i climbed on top of the pop n pills. there was an enormous amount for a random daytime spawn. luckily none of them spotted the ladder so i was ok (they CAN climb ladders)

but on red night i was nearly overwhelmed. first of all, the hord began before the sun even went down. i had a giant mutant bee, and 3 puking cops before the sky even turned red! and they came at my house so furiously and from all direction, they managed to munch a hole in my fence.

i kept most of them out, but that was certainly scary. its only going to get worse! how can i handle NEXT red night?
i might have to start over from the beginning again. (or turn the difficulty down) i hope i dont have to move again, i just got this place fixed up nice.


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