ok need some advice

after months of searching everywhere on the internet and NOT coming up with any worlds that seem to do it for me, i went to the forum for help.
that proved futile and people just told me to do what i have been doing all along anyway, (gee i  never would have thought to check the world index, thanks!) so in desperation, i decided to reinstall CAW and hope it works on my machine this time.

so far so good, but we wont really know for sure, untill my world is in its final stages and i need to use edit in game... cause THAT was where it always had problems. so yay lucky me, i wont know if my work is all for nothing untill its almost over!

well anyway

ive started building a new one. hopefully THIS one wont be total crap. and trying to go out of my way to add the features i want is proving to be a huge pain in the ass as well. i got almost the perfect place for my legacy family to live BUT.. the view is on the wrong side.. DOH.

well i need some tips as to how to proceed. since i dont have a lot of experience building worlds, there may be something i could do here that i just havent thought of.  here are a few screens of what i have so far.

 its still in the sculpting phase. this is a birds eye view from over what will be the main residential/commercial area, looking toward the mountains and waterfall. the majority of the mountains will be unroutable and they are only there for ambiance. the island in the lake and one other lot will be the only things past this area that sims can go to.

 this is one of  the residential peninsulas. in the bay/ocean there is a small island  that will probably have a lot or some houseboats on it. its kinda octopus shaped. we'll call it octopus island.

 this is the bridge going up to the island lot on the hill.. none of the bridges actually reach water if you want them at a higher elevation so i have to use ruin columns to 'hold' it up. does it look stupid?

 this is the furthest routable area on the map, near the waterfall and to the back of the lake. it will be a commnity lot of some kind, ruins or something , with harvestables on it. the 'road' in the back ground is only there to connect the background terrain to the real one.  (it will be unroutable, as it goes nowhere) it bugs me when there are roads or rivers on background terrain that just go no place. does this look ok?

and this is turtle island. the two islands were animal shaped on accident, but i ended up liking it haha. turtle island in directly in the middle of the delta. will most likley also have houseboats or some other watery type lots on it.  there will also be diving lots a plenty, as i love those :)

so how is it coming? suggestions? remarks? criticism? im trying not to repeat the mistakes i made with my previous world, and just make it TOO BIG. i like big worlds, but if it spreads too far it takes ages for sims to get anywhere. im trying to keep the majority of the city life in one area, and leave the rest for view.
i know it doesnt look like much yet, but i havent painted anything and im not quite done sculpting.

i wish i had some of my custom terrain paints that i used to have. they all got deleted when when i wiped CAW, and now i cant even find them anymore, most of the links are bad.

ill keep searching for more of those.

well tell me what you think :)


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