its a little more traumatizing that i expected

was goofin off yesterday on google, and decided to try to find one of the houses i lived in when i was a kid. since it was the only one i could remember the address to, and i have the most memories from that place. i moved there when i was about 8 or 9 i guess and lived there till 12. but that place holds some of the most memories for me.
riding my bike up and down the hills, hunting for frogs and turtles in the pond, catching snakes in the rock piles, picking berries. i had the entire wilderness to myself. it was glorious.

well, i went and found the house. well, i found where it USED to be.. its gone. just.. gone. no house in its place, just an empty spot. it got completely knocked down 0_0

the neighbors house is still there. the pond is still there, everything else was where it should be, so i know i found the right spot. just no house.

that house was over 300 hundred years old. it might have been a pretty shitty house, but it was history, man. how can you just knock down a 300 year old house?? it was older than the freeking country is! we used to get people from the historical society sniffing around, and my dad would chase them off. haha i can remember one time, this guy eyes our german shepard (who was a sweetheart) and he says, 'does that dog bite? and my dad says, 'does she got teeth'? lol ahh classic dad.

well needless to say, this is bothering me. i dont really know why but i cant stop thinking about it. i just cant believe that house is gone. i guess i always fantasied that one day if i ever got money, i would buy that property again and live there. i guess its just really sad that that piece of my childhood is gone forever.


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