modern consols suck nuts

hey remember when you could play a video game with someone right there in the room with you? i sure do! cant do THAT anymore... cant play 2 player with anything unless you want to play with faceless strangers over the internet who will probalby just insult you. wo that sure is fun great improvement.


  1. Yeah they do. I feel the same way about my PS4. I thought my dad and me could play it together, but there are barely any games that are couch multi-player. I can't even find a good racing game and he loves those. I kind of regret getting a PS4 now. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but the new consoles seemed more focused the online BS. I even wasted money buying 4 remotes for that crap!

    And don't even get me started on the motion sickness some of these games cause now. I'm afraid to play sometimes, because of it.

  2. its nuts, its like they got it backward. when i was little, i had nobody to game with, and probalby would have liked some kind of online feature. now that im a gamer adult, with my own gamer family, we cant even play together! its so frustrating. ARRG what are these developers thinking


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