Friday, April 4, 2014

Maya Wang.. the funniest sim in Shang Simla

if you have never owned world aventures, you may not have ever become aquianted with this lovely sim
this is Maya Wang. a lovely Chinese girl who is unfortunately married to Deng Wang.
the 11 year old boy in me cant help but make punny Maya Wang jokes all day long after i encounter her. my current sim is friends with her, so the jokes just keep coming. its almost a game. come up with as many crude maya wang jokes as i possibly can lol. here are just a few.

who needs a girlfriend, i can just play with maya wang.

maya wang is my best friend and i dont care who knows it

stirring soup is easy with maya wang

judge all you want, but maya wang is alot of fun

i wish i could see maya wang

look, maya wang is waving!

its a good day when ive got maya wang in my hands

and on and on and on lol

i know they are stupid but its just one of those things that tickles me

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